SolVin Bretzel: The Future Of Canopy Tours?

Formerly, researchers and travelers had to explore forested areas by walking on the ground, looking up. Later, canopy walks provided improved access to the heart of a forest. However, building canopy walks was still somewhat invasive as it involved constructing supports and stringing rope bridges. While canopy walks allow humans access to hard-to-reach places, they nevertheless alter the ecosystem. What’s a true eco-tour company to do? Maybe it’s time to get a SolVin Bretzel.

Though the idea is centuries old, the SolVin Bretzel is a relatively new generation of canopy raft. Made from UV-resistant PVC pontoons that are connected by a net, the SolVin Bretzel provides a low-impact, earth-friendly 400m² viewing platform for people to ride in.

In 2003, scientists used a SolVin Bretzel in Panama to undertake research. Though considered a success, the SolVin required a helicopter to fly it into the area, which is not particularly sustainable. Before you “Aw, shucks” your chance to ride in a SolVin, note that SolVin also makes a Canopy Glider — a large helium balloon that could ferry in a Bretzel.

Are helium balloons and giant netted pretzels the future of canopy exploration? I hope so.