Affordable Europe via the New York Times

Any article with the above headline is sure to grab my attention–especially if it happens to be in the New York Times.

Yesterday’s New York Times Travel Section focused on budget travel around the world. I’m sure we’ll be posting some highlights in the next few days, but in the meantime I wanted to kick off with my favorite topic as mentioned above.

Fifteen New York Times writers have put together fifteen short travel guides on saving money in fifteen of Europe’s hottest travel destinations from Amsterdam to Vienna. Each guide covers inexpensive accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and other random money-saving tips such as free museum days and deals on transportation. Each guide also has room for readers to comment, and comment they have!

Personally, I was pleased to discover the wonderful Hotel Loreta on this list–an inexpensive hotel near Prague Castle that is located in the most amazing place. In addition, I also learned about a new hostel in Moscow–normally an extremely expensive place to find accommodations. I’m not sure I’ll be checking into the oddly named Godzilla Hostel (above) any time soon, but at least the option is there if I find myself short on rubles.