Reminder: Talking Travel with Matthew Polly Contest

Just a reminder: We’re giving away three copies of Matthew Polly’s book, American Shaolin, in the Talking Travel interview we did with him last week.

Growing up a 98-pound weakling tormented by bullies in the schoolyards of Kansas, young Matthew Polly dreamed of one day journeying to the Shaolin Temple in China to become the toughest fighter in the world, like Caine in his favorite 1970’s TV series Kung Fu. While in college, Matthew decided the time had come to pursue this quixotic dream before it was too late. Much to the dismay of his parents, he dropped out of Princeton to train with the legendary sect of monks who invented kung fu and Zen Buddhism.

If you’re interested (and trust me… you are!), head over to the interview to find out how you can score a free copy. The contest ends on Wednesday, April 25th.