Write for Wend

A nice little heads up for the travel/adventure writers out there. This one comes from Jen Leo’s Written Road, always a favorite source for writing opportunities. A magazine that we actually blogged about a bit ago, called Wend Magazine, is looking for some writers. They are a solid outdoor and adventure travel glossy based out of lovely Portland, Oregon, and they’re petty new, which usually means you might have an easier time of it than getting published in, say National Geographic Adventure.

According to the Web site, you need to:

1.) Send two clips of your work that are at least peripherally related to the story you’re proposing.
2.) Send a resume, or summary of your experience.
3.) Include a one-page query (story proposal) summarizing the scope of your story, estimated word count, which department you deem it appropriate for, and an explanation of why you’re qualified to write it.

They don’t pay huge wages, just 25 cents a word, with a bonus for photos. But it’s a fine place to start if you’re new to the game.