Mini Cam for Capturing Extreme Sports

I don’t engage in many outdoor sports that require a helmet. But if I actually did more mountain biking, rock climbing, or extreme kayaking, I’d be sure to grab myself an Elmo SUV-cam and strap it tightly to my helmet.

This tiny camera and its slightly larger recorder weighs just under seven ounces and can easily be strapped onto your helmet, the front of your bike, the hood of your car, or just about anywhere else you’d like to record your favorite activity to later share with the world on YouTube.

The SUV-cam is also waterproof, has a built-in microphone and can store up to 2GB of video on a removable memory card.

Considering the $1,200 price tag, however, I think I’d be too paranoid to strap this pricey equipment on to anything which may involve crashing, drowning, falling, or the chance of my accident being recorded and played online to joyous glees of schadenfreude.

via National Geographic Adventure