One for the Road (04/25/07)

Since I don’t have cable, I remain largely disconnected from much of the fantastic programming on stations like The Discovery, History and Travel Channels. I learned more about one of these shows I’ve been missing while reading Sunday’s New York Times profile of Josh Bernstein, adventure anthropologist and host of the History Channel’s soon to be retired Digging for the Truth.

Bernstein, a native New Yorker and Cornell grad, seems to live up to the Indiana Jones labeling he receives. And on top of all the daring explorations, he runs an outdoor survival school and is a professional photographer. Despite its’ populatiry, The History Channel series is ending after a three season run. But of course, another cable channel has already snatched Bernstein up. Discovery just started shooting episodes for a new and yet-to-be-named series, that will feature more of the same travel adventure, with a stronger emphasis on Bernstein’s passion for the environment.

So while you’re waiting for episodes of the new show to air, why not check out the companion book to the Digging for the Truthl series? It’s an autobiographical look at Bernstein’s path to what has to be one of the greatest travel gigs out there, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at his fantastic fact-finding global expeditions.