Yapta: A Travel Site That Really Helps You Save Money

Yapta is a new start-up that should make the lives of travelers easier. Still in beta, the site is scheduled to launch on May 15. Unlike other sites that are basically search engines, Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant) is a browser add-on that lets you “bookmark” fares you find. If you see a flight you like, bookmark it: the flight and fare information is stored in your Yapta account. Bookmark several different flight options at different sites, and then compare them with Yapta. If the fare increases or decreases before you make a purchase, Yapta will let you know.

The *coolest* thing about Yapta, though, is that if you make a purchase by clicking through to the airline or travel site from Yapta, they’ll continue to monitor the price. If it falls, they’ll contact you and suggest you contact the airline for a refund or flight coupon, which you’re eligible for thanks to the “guaranteed airfare rule.” All airlines offer these on price drops. Yapta will help by reminding you.

According to TechCrunch, “over the last several months, Yapta found that 34% of purchased tickets became eligible for a refund. The average refund was 16% of the ticket price, or $85.” That’s money in your pocket.

[Via Downloadsquad]