Urinals With Views

I hate reading the ads that marketing companies post over some urinals. I would much rather have something else to look at — like a skyline view. Here’s a round-up of 13 of the world’s best (urinal) views.

Probably the most dramatic is the view inside the headquarters of Frankfurt’s Commerzbank. It just screams “power.”

The views from Tokyo’s JR Tower are pretty intense (here’s another view and another).

I like the clean lines inside the Sky Restrooms of South Korea’s North Seoul Tower (here’s another view).

This shot of the urinal in Hong Kong’s Felix Hotel is blurry, but still noteworthy.

Who said the best views had to be from skyscrapers? This view from Ecuador’s eco-friendly Black Sheep Inn is pretty breathtaking.

The urinals in Bratislava’s UFO Bar are modern yet antque-y at the same time (here’s another view).

This is from the Forty One, which I believe is in NYC. is in Sydney, Australia.

There are no buildings to obstruct a wide field of vision looking out from Melbourne’s Sofitel Hotel (here’s another view).

Aboard the Norwegian Star, the sunsets are awesome.

The views on this Croatian ferry are pretty cool, too.

The views from Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental are good, (though people like to stand around in the facilities).

Personally, I really enjoy this rustic view from South Africa’s Kaapsche Hoop, (and here’s the actual view of the waterfalls that you can see through that window).

Though the door reads “urinal,” I don’t think it is, technically. Nevertheless, the view is just too good to pass up. This is from the water’s edge in Belize (and don’t miss the view looking down). Seems kinda pointless, huh?