Where On Earth (Week 5): Cape Point

This week’s Where on Earth stumped some people, confused some others, and was a breeze for one person: Bob. This image of directional signs, shot by Desired, is located at Cape Point, in South Africa.

At the tip of the Cape Peninsula – 36 miles southwest of Cape Town – the rugged rocks and sheer cliffs here “divide” the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Though often called the southernmost tip of Africa, this is not true. Cape Agulhas, 90 miles east, is the true southernmost point; Cape Point is the most southwesterly point on the continent.

I visited Cape point in 2001 and was overwhelmed by the fresh salt breezes (coming straight from the Antarctic), the verdant landscape, the blazing beaches, and the sheer walls of the Point. It was amazing. Boasting 250 species of birds and more than 1100 species of indigenous plants, this area is home to a variety of other animals, too — including some very aggressive baboons who will swipe your snacks if you’re not careful!

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town with an extra day, be sure to get yourself down to the Point and have a look around. It’s certainly a detour worth making.