One for the Road (04/28/07)

Many travelers, myself included, love the perks of traveling by train. Slow travel, lazy afternoons and wide windows that often offer up fantastic views. But for me, those warm memories of riding by rail are all from my many months of trail travel in Europe. Stateside, my Amtrak trips, while relatively comfortable, don’t conjure up the same remembrances of stunning landscapes on the way to exciting locals. Nope, in the US, I’m strictly a Northeast Corridor gal who won’t splurge for Acela and rarely forks over the funds for regional travel between NY and DC.

But here’s a book that may help provide some memorable US train travel in the future. The Tourist Trains Guidebook offers up suggestions on unique North American train travel options, including over 150 train rides to try and museums to visit. This US and Canadian directory includes listings of dinner trains, steam excursions and trolley rides as well as must-see sights and destinations for rail enthusiasts.