Cool Capitals

Cool Capitals is an interactive website that highlights some of Europe’s hippest capitals. Right now, the site only spotlights Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vienna, and Zurich, but there’s a fairly good amount of information about each of those cities. The site has a slick user-interface that lets you zoom around a mini-version of the city and click on the highlights, which then provides relevant tips.

As you move through the site, you’ll find information about upcoming events. If you like the event, you can add it to your “travel bucket” — I think they could’ve come up with a clever-er name — to save for later. For example, I learned that the next time I visit Amsterdam, I should swing by the xtracold, a bar in which everything is made out of ice.

Although it only focuses on a few cities right now, it’ll hopefully expand soon and include more cool capitals. In the meantime, if you’re heading to any of these destinations, it’s worth checking out.