Google Maps + Video

Google Maps and Video. What a perfect marriage.

ViniVidiWiki (I came, I saw, I shared) is a new website which combines the satellite maps of Google Earth with the ability to post your own geo-targeted video.

In this manner, armchair travelers and future tourists alike can zoom down to the Italy map, for example, and click on videos of Firenz, Urbino, Rome, Milano, or a handful of other locations to help decide where best to visit, or to simply to live vicariously through someone else’s video.

In addition, the site lists 45 separate categories to help narrow down your geo-targeted video search to special areas of interest such as museums, gardens, zoos, castles, waterfalls, caves, casinos, and more.

Right now the site is still in beta and doesn’t have too many videos, but I can really see this thing exploding. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to zoom down to the street level in London and check out videos of every restaurant, museum, and tourist attraction within five blocks of your hotel?