Make Your Own String Tripod

Most of us travel with a camera of some sort, but very few are willing to lug a tripod around to insure our night shot of the Eiffel Tower comes out just right. has a great tutorial on making your very own string tripod, which is a simple, light-weight alternative to the three-legged travel foe. It’s cheap, easy to make, fits in your pocket, and goes where other tripods aren’t allowed, like ancient temples or museums. All the supplies — an eye hook, nut, and piece of nylon rope — can be found at your local hardware store, and cost under five bucks.

While the string tripod might not produce professional results (though I think you’ll be surprised), it’s better than no tripod at all. Plus you’ll look really cool tied to a tree, tangled up in nylon rope.

[Via Lifehacker]