Frisky Passenger Faces Prison

Ever take a trip with your spouse or significant other, and suddenly find yourself “in the mood” at 20,000 feet? You may want to keep that affection in check. Some guy from California might go to jail for getting it on with his girlfriend in the air.

Carl William Persing has been convicted of interfering with flight attendants and crew members after he and his girlfriend “made other passengers uncomfortable” by “kissing” and “embracing.” After they asked him to take his tongue out of his girlfriend’s mouth, Persing got miffed, threatened the attendants — twice — and found himself in an awkward conversation with FBI officials upon arrival in North Carolina.

Sounds like he was acting like a jerk, so fair enough. I know I wouldn’t want to watch anyone suck face — let alone when I’m stuck with them for a cross-country flight. But because it all happened on an airplane, Persing was breaking federal law, and has thus been convicted of a federal felony — which means he’ll probably serve jail time.

Wow. I can only imagine the conversation with other inmates while he’s in the slammer.

“Why are you in here?”
“I robbed a bank. What about you?”
“I. Uh. Made out with my girlfriend on an airplane.”

Doesn’t exactly make him sound like a force to be reckoned with.