AquaBells’ Dumbbells: Keep In Shape While On The Road, You Slob!

Unless you’re the kind of traveler who actively engages in lots of climbing, hiking, paddling, or biking, you’re pretty much a fat, lazy slob who’s only looking to meet attractive members of the opposite sex, lay around, check out the scenery, and eat. C’mon, admit it. Why not beef up a bit, so if/when you put the fork down long enough to speak to that Hottie, they respond with something other then a grossed-out “Ewww…”?

AquaBells Dumbbells are portable, collapsible weights for people on the go. Essentially super-heavy-duty plastic bags, when empty, the 26-ounce units fit easily into your carry-on bag. Filled, the weights provide up to 16 pounds of resistance per dumbbell. A $60 set of dumbbells includes handlebars and 8 fillable weights. At the very least, they’ll make excellent doorstops.


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