Find Directions Without A Compass

Getting lost. Worst Case Scenarios failed to cover this pretty bad scenario — though it’s more likely to happen than many of the oddball things they discussed. Enter Equipped, a manly, deep-voiced, hairy-chested site that discusses various survival preparedness techniques. Among the many documents on their site is this 8-page PDF that explains how to find directions when you don’t have a compass. The tips include:

  • using the sun and shadows to determine direction
  • using a wristwatch to locate north
  • using the moon to determine east and west
  • using the stars to navigate
  • making an improvised compass
  • using natural clues to determine north

Of course, none of the tips are foolproof. However, if you’re planning on doing some camping or hiking this summer, you might want to check out the tips and commit some to memory — just in case the batteries on your foolproof All-In-One Wrist Gadget fail.