Travel Buddy: Meet Travelers, Share Experiences

As a member of Travel Buddy, you can access its many blogs (5000+), reviews (4300+), and vast photo library (129,000+ images) from its network of more than 23,000 members (a.k.a, “TravBuddies”).

More than just a searchable site, however, Travel Buddy allows you to solicit advice directly from people who’ve been-there-done-that, as well from people who live in the area you’re visiting. Heading to Paris? Currently, 60 TravBuddies live in the City of Lights — and 94 more are heading there soon. Want some insider advice on the city, or looking to find someone to tour France‘s moody underground church of Saint Jean? Travel Buddy is your hook up.

If nothing else, check out Paco Vera’s profile. As the most active TravBuddy on the site, Paco deserves a shout-out for spending so much time helping to build the community. Hi, Paco! Way to go.