How To Carry A Chicken (Around the World)

Earlier today, I saw a post on Kevin Kelly’s blog about how to move live chickens in China that featured some remarkable images. According to Kelly, “You get some large sacks, poke some holes in the top, weave the birds into each so each head it sticking out, and then you can throw the entire sack on a bicycle or truck. The birds were quiet and seemed to like the swaddling.”

Naturally, it reminded me of the chickens my neighbors in Zambia used to tote. While most people carry chickens in a relatively “humane” way — by holding them under their bellies, between the legs — not everyone in the world is so thoughtful. Here are some ways you might expect to see chickens toted in other parts of the world.

In PNG, you might see chickens carried on a stick. Looks like he’s going fishing!

In Ethiopia, the chickens might be strapped to a donkey.

In Burkina Faso, don’t be surprised to see them hanging from the back of a motorbike.

They do it the same way in parts of Vietnam.

In other parts of Vietnam, though, they may protect the chickens in baskets.

In Mali, they might use a bike.

Same goes for China — though they might have some sophisticated-looking cages.

Or just some woven baskets.

They use baskets in Nepal, too — but no bikes.

In parts of Africa, they use baskets AND cars.

Whereas in parts of Ecuador, some people prefer the low-tech feel of wooden poles.

In Bali, you might see chickens carried in beautifully-woven baskets.

The Burmese might use baskets.

Some Guatemalans use baskets, too.

In India, they transport them in baskets and then keep them together in netted playpens.

This shot was taken in Vietnam’s Bac Ha market — but it looks like it could’ve been taken in rural Africa.

But this is usually how I saw them transported:

In Malaysia, you might find them wrapped in paper and tied up with a pretty bow.

Finally, I’m not exactly certain where this photo was taken — somewhere in SE Asia, I think — but I do know that you shouldn’t park or stand next to it.

And we’ll close this photo essay with the most ridiculous video EVER: learn how to put a chicken to sleep in under 60 seconds.