Don’t Speak English…Parlez Globish !

If you’ve ever traveled to a country in which English was NOT the Mother Tongue, you’ve undoubtedly run into people who spoke only a smattering of English. Moreover, when non-native English speakers address each other in front of a native English speaker, the results can be confusing, though vaguely English-like. In an effort to get non-native English speakers to be able to communicate more effectively among themselves — and with Americans — Frenchman Jean-Paul Nerriere developed Globish, which he calls “the worldwide dialect of the third millennium.”

Unlike Esperanto — which seeks to replace other languages — Globish is NOT a language: it is only a tool to communicate. With only 1500 words — you can see a Globish “dictionary” in this PDF file — Globish might not be elegant, but it serves a purpose. In fact, with only 182 hours required to learn Globish, people all over the world will be able to speak with the same limited vocabulary. It’s so simple, even Americans can speak it. In fact, I think Globish is what Charla and Mirna were speaking.

Confused? Compare the American version of The Gettysburg Address with the Globish version. Alternatively, have a look at this this explanation of Globish, drafted specifically for American speakers.