Around the World in 60 Pubs: Sure To Be A Real “Brew Ha Ha”

Though intriguing, the Thirsty Swagman‘s Round-the-World Pub Crawl reeks of bruised knees, torn clothes, and aching heads: “60 Pubs. 30 Days. 15 countries. 4 continents. 1 hell of an experience! Get ready for the ultimate drinking and travel experience! A round-the-world ticket, and a list of pubs… it’s one trip you’ll never forget.” If you can remember it in the first place.

Promising there’ll be “no boring sightseeing, no early wake-ups,” the crawl kicks off March 2008 in London, and hits some of the world’s most “intoxicating” destinations:

Imagine sharing your pictures: “Here I am in a bathroom in Europe. And here’s one of me and that guy…in…um…I think we’re in Mexico. And this is some girl…I think she was on the trip…we mighta hooked up…we’re in…um…man, it was awesome!” Feeling chuggish? You can reserve your spot for as little as $9500, all inclusive.

[Via Vagabondish]