One for the Road: Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children

I think it’s safe to say that Maureen Wheeler is the mother of the modern-day travel guide. Her publishing partnership with husband Tony has created a company that continues to inspire, guide and connect travelers worldwide.

Through the years, Lonely Planet has introduced all sorts of creative travel titles, in addition to their traditional shoestring guides. One of these alternative guides is Travel with Children, which Maureen originally wrote back in the 1980’s. On the most recent 2002 edition, she teamed up with author Cathy Lanigan.

The result is a practical guide for parents on how to have meaningful travel experiences with children, whether toddlers or teens. Besides the usual particulars (tips on packing, planning and prep), this handy guide includes advice on breastfeeding, pregnant travel and on-the-road health. The country profiles, while useful, receive poor marks from some reviewers as not meeting the level of detail expected from the LP brand. But they do feature the best kid-friendly sights and educational opportunities in some less obvious family destinations like Bhutan and Cairo. There’s also a little first-hand advice from the Wheeler’s well-traveled kids, Kieran and Tashi.

Although mom might want a vacation FROM the kids on Mother’s Day, this book has the potential to make her and dad look at family travel in a whole new way.