One for the Road: Bold Spirit

Sometimes I get to read the One for the Road books that I mention before writing about them here at Gadling. Other times, I simply share basic info about a book that I think may appeal to some of our readers, without having read it myself. I know that not every book mentioned will interest all — frankly, some don’t even interest me, but I try to offer up a mix that hopefully resonates with a variety of Gadling readers.

Today’s book is one that personally peaks my interest, and will be added to my own “want to read” list right away. It’s a book that I wish I had read before telling you about it, but since it fits nicely with our weekly Mother’s Day theme, now is a good time to share it with you: Bold Spirit: Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America is a captivating true story of a mother and daughter who walked across the US in 1896. Helga and her daughter Clara traveled by foot from Spokane to New York, hoping to win a $10,000 prize that was essential for the survival of her family’s farm.

The story of these two women was lost for many years, because no journals, letters or personal accounts of their trip were saved. But author Linda Lawrence Hunt pieced together as much of the story as possible through careful research and compilation of newspaper articles. The result is a moving tale that has received warm reviews. I’m quite eager to get my hands on a copy of this one, and imagine that other readers with an interest in courageous female travelers may be drawn to this extraordinary mother/daughter travel tale.