On the Inside: An Insider’s Guide to NYC

On the Inside calls itself a “personality-driven Insiders city guide.” Covering New York City, the site showcases movers-n-shakers from the Big Apple — including filmmakers, actors, designers, writers, models, artists, and musicians — who share their favorite spots to eat, drink, shop, and relax in the City.

Allowing uses to search by Insider, neighborhood, or category of destination, On the Inside helps visitors (as well as the congenitally non-hip) learn about some off-the-beaten-track destinations. For example, actor/comedian Will Forte suggests having cocktails at Professor Thom’s — a split personality of a bar — while filmmaker Salvatore Stabile suggests heading to the Brandy Library for a quiet drink and some good conversation.

If you’re heading to the City and you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, swing by, poke around, and I bet you’ll come away with several cool ideas.

[Thanks, Laurie!]