Woods Solar-Powered EZ-Tent

Gone are the days are drooling all over that flashlight jammed in your mouth as you rifle through your bag in search of your toothbrush. Woods’ Solar-Powered EZ-Tent features a removable, 7-inch solar panel on the top of the tent’s hub; 4-6 hours of direct light yields 2-4 hours of tent light. The energy stored can be used to operate the tent’s integrated LED rope lights; to operate the removable hand-held flashlight that hangs from the center of the tent; or to charge a completely separate set of batteries.

Glampers can even choose to use the auto-on function that tells the lights to turn on as the sun sets, creating a nice mood for dusk. Despite all the sand you’ve tracked in, the place sure feels homey. The tents come in either 4-person ($206) or 6-person models ($250).

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