Learning Languages in the Sky

Certainly the most constructive use of one’s time while onboard an aircraft is to take the opportunity to study the language of the place to which they are flying.

Although learning to speak Chinese fluently while on a ten-hour flight to China isn’t going to happen, such a large chunk of concentrated study time will at least get you through some simple greetings and basic grammar.

I’ve brought language textbooks along with me on flights before, but I have to admit I wasn’t the most dedicated of students while being distracted by in-flight movies and a handful of magazines to read.

But now some airlines are making it easier for aspiring linguists. According to Travel & Leisure, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Continental, and Singapore Airlines offer language lessons via personal viewing screens. The program, in conjunction with Berlitz International, offers 23 languages at a beginner’s level. Simply plug in a pair of earphones and start repeating uno, dos, tres… By the time you land in Madrid, you’ll be able to order dos cervazas without any problem.