NPR Reporters Report on Favorite Foreign Restaurants

There aren’t too many jobs better in life than being a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR). Sure, the pay probably isn’t great, and the hours are probably long, but what can be cooler than filing NPR stories from another country?

NPR has a handful of such reporters across the globe. You know the ones, with the golden voices and inquisitive nature.

Recently, NPR asked their field reporters to report on themselves and file a story about their favorite places to eat, drink, and sleep while pounding their beat in strange lands.

The result is an impressive smorgasbord of mouthwatering local dives from Tuscany, Rio de Janiro, Hanoi, Istanbul, Lhasa, Moscow, Nairobi, and Shanghai. With titles like, Camel’s Milk Ice Cream at the Norfolk Hotel (Nairobi – photo above) and Slurping at Yang’s Fry-Dumpling (Shanghai), how can one resist not digging into what these fine reporters have to say about the cities they cover so very well.

Check it out; food has never been more newsworthy!