US City With Worst Road Rage, 2nd Year Running

Learning to drive in Atlanta, I always thought rush-hour there was terrible: bumper-to-bumper traffic, and everyone going so fast. Eventually, I got used to it and realized there was a rhythm that Atlanta’s drivers share. Generally, that rhythm is, “Get in the lane now, or get the heck outta the way!”

Now, living in South Florida, I’m amazed at how different the traffic is: no one obeys the “slower traffic keep right” rule; people jabber away incessantly on their phones; the thump-thump from those mega-speakers has GOT to be hugely distracting; and — no offense to my senior neighbors, but — the old people are clogging up the lanes, trying to see over their steering wheels for the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts! I mean, come ON! It’s no wonder Miami topped the list — for the second year in a row — for US city with the worst road rage. I’m hot under the collar just thinking about my commute home.

If you’re interested, the 25 cities with the worst road rage are:

1. Miami
2. New York
3. Boston
4. Los Angeles
5. Washington, D.C.
6. Phoenix
7. Chicago
8. Sacramento, Calif.
9. Philadelphia
10. San Francisco
11. Houston
12. Atlanta
13. Detroit
14. Minneapolis-St. Paul
15. Baltimore
16. Tampa, Fla.
17. San Diego
18. Cincinatti
19. Cleveland
20. Denver
21. Dallas-Ft. Worth
22. St. Louis
23. Seattle-Tacoma
24. Pittsburgh
25. Portland, Ore.