Bear Grylls Breaks Himalyan Paraglider Record With “Petrol-Powered Paraglider”

Bear Grylls — otherwise known as the filthy British guy in Man vs. Wild — literally soared into the record books yesterday after he completed a “petrol-powered paraglider” flight over the Himalayas. Wonder if he saw Conrad Anker?

Shivering through mind-numbing temperatures of -76°F to pass the 29,500-foot-mark — almost 10,000 feet higher than the previous powered paraglide record — the adventurer/explorer had to carry his own air on his back, as the oxygen is too thin to supoport life at that altitude.

Promising that he’ll never do anything as dangerous again, Bear told The Telegraph, “It was the hairiest, most frightening thing I have ever undertaken in my life.” Think he’s exaggerating? Check out the photo gallery and video The Telegraph is hosting, and I bet you believe him!

If you want to learn more about the record, check out GKN Mission Everest, which chronicles the preparation and adventure.