Despite What You May Have Thought Previously, The TravelSafe Does Not Suck

I learned about PacSafe’s TravelSafe a few weeks ago. Thinking it looked like a glorified fanny pack, I moved on. Yesterday, however, the folks at Backpackers reviewed the TravelSafe, and they concluded it was both “pretty simple” and “very handy.” I think I may have been wrong.

Featuring a slashproof skin and a high-tensile stainless steel cable with a padlock that cinches tight, the TravelSafe can be locked to pretty much anything.

Capable of holding two medium-sized travel books, a passport, a plane ticket, an entire travel wallet with money and documents, an iPod, a cellphone and a digital camera, the rugged little bag still had room to spare.

Frankly, I’m pretty impressed with the TravelSafe, and now I’m seriously considering getting my own $40 pouch. For the curious, PacSafe makes a number of secure travel items, from a laptop case to a day bag.