Travel Writing Contest: What Is Your Worst Travel Fear?

If you’re sick of reading travel stories that detail where to camp in luxury or get a cheap massage in Bali, maybe it’s time to put fingers to keyboard and show the world how travel writing should be done.

Road Junky is sponsoring a travel writing contest, and they “want to hear about travel stories where you were confronted with your worst fears and how you dealt with them – maybe you were almost killed in a bus accident in India, maybe you were attacked by bandits on the Kenyan border or maybe you just came home to find a credit card bill in 5 figures. It’s up to you.” Off the top of my head, a few other story ideas could be:

  • That time the power went out in the capital and the hotel guests all started speaking in tongues.
  • That time you were kayaking and a hippo appeared about 50 feet from you — right between you and shore.
  • That time you flipped in the crocodile-infested waters of the Class V rapids and you lost the raft.

Oh, wait. Those things all happened to me. Maybe I need to get writing. The deadline is June 31, 2007.