Stereotypical Foodstuffs: the Very Best Paella, Schnitzel, Fondue, and Kebab in Europe

Every country seems to have its iconic, stereotypical dish. Hungary has goulash, England has fish and chips, Switzerland has fondue, and on and on and on.

And yet, with globalization wrecking havoc across the globe, there is concern that the Big Mac is rapidly replacing local specialties and that one day schnitzels, haggis, and paella will disappear from their respective homelands entirely.

With this in mind, Anya Von Bremzen went in search of iconic local foods in Europe to make sure for herself that they were not currently endangered. And while she was at it, she figured that she would seek out the very best place in each country to indulge in the local specialty.

Her quest took her to all corners of Europe where she tracked down the most tantalizing and delicious bouillabaisse, fish and chips, paella, schnitzel and kebab. Her article in this month’s (May) Travel and Leisure is simply mouthwatering to say the least. And if it just isn’t tasty enough for your likes, the print version also covers pizza, fondue, goulash, souvlaki, and blini.

If you plan to tour Europe on your stomach any time soon, this is one article you have to track down and devour. Mmmm…..