Ursack’s Bear Resistant Food Bags

With a sense of smell 7 times more powerful than a bloodhound, bears can sniff out your Trail Mix from miles away. Therefore, when hiking and camping in bear country, it’s advisable to carry your food in “bear proof” containers.

Ursack makes bear and critter resistant food bags from flexible, “bullet proof” fabric — the same fabric used by the military. Ideal for backpackers, kayakers and other wilderness users, the Ursack S29 has an optional foil liner to further protect your food. Boasting 650 cubic inches of pack space, the bag weighs a feathery 8 ounces and comes in that familiar faded military green color.

When tied properly, the Ursack actually becomes more bear-resistant the longer a bear tugs: the toothy mammal actually cinches the rope tighter with each additional pull. Check out the video to see a bear foiled at his attempt to get a snack.