The Back Half of your Car: Unnecessary Weight

Now I’m no mechanic, obviously, but if you were to ask me whether or not a car would still run if the back half were chopped off, I’d probably say no. Faced with the following videos, however, I may have to change my answer. If I were forced to consider how the cars in these videos are able to move at all, I’d probably say something about front-wheel-drive, or auxiliary/re-routed gas tanks — but again, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe Autoblog can lend a hand — how do these zombie cars run? They take the term “ghost car” to a whole new level. [More videos to follow]

No, no — not dangerous at all. Jump in!

Want to cut your own car in half? Here’s a tutorial.

Wow, a half-car race!

This one’s trying to pull a stoppie.

Here’s another tutorial, in case the first one didn’t cover everything.

I can’t get over how weird these things look driving around — like a little gremlin.

And finally, meet THE GOOOLE!