EOS Jets: 48 Seats On A Plane Built For 220

Last year, Neil waxed positively rapturous about EOS Jets’ announcement that it would offer trans-Atlantic seats that fold down into beds. Guess what? They carried through on their promise.

With only 48 seats on a plane built for 220, each guest gets a whopping 21 square feet of personal space — which EOS calls a “personal suite” — or roughly 40% more than most airlines offer. Moreover, the seats are adjustable, so you can sit in them, sprawl in them, lay down in them — they’re big enough for a person 6’6″ to recline completely! — or configure them to conduct a business meeting, though I don’t know why anyone would want to do that.

With its unique galley configuration, EOS also managed to make it so you don’t have to sit next to that annoying dude slurping his soft drink and spilling crumbs all down that Cheeto-stand he calls a stomach.

Similarly, that kid won’t be looking over your shoulder as you type or watch your DVDs.

There is no coach class on EOS — it’s a premium business class airline ONLY — which means that you might see stuffed shirts like this on any give flight. However, to mix things up a bit, I recommend ditching the turtlenecks and sport coats, slipping on some flip-flops and shorts, and playing a hearty game of Quarters.

Tickets aren’t cheap, but for people who make frequent NYC-to-London trips, the benefit of a solid sleep may exceed the cost.