Fastcheck Arrival Guides: Excellent, Free City Guides

Tired of paying for bound travel guides? Maybe you’re planning on hitting several cities in several different countries and travel guides don’t make sense? Just like getting stuff for free? No matter what your rationale, you should check out Fastcheck Arrival Guides.

Available in several languages and written by local journalists, Arrival Guides are city-specific guidebooks available in PDF-form for dozens of destinations, from Aarhus to Zurich. Complete with detailed maps and useful contact information, each Arrival Guide provides key information about eating, sleeping, drinking, and shopping. Moreover, the Guides detail cool events occurring throughout the year, to help you plan your trip.

I checked out the Miami guide, and I was impressed with the content. Of the 14 pages, 2 were full-page ads (don’t print ’em!), but the remaining 12 were full of good information. Bookmarked!

[Via Backpackers]