Kazakhstan’s New Glass Pyramid Opera House: Let’s Hope They Don’t Hit the High Notes

Sir Norman Foster, the acclaimed British architect, recently completed an amazing giant glass pyramid opera house in Astana, Kazakhstan. Beautiful, large, and magnificent, the opera house actually lives up to its name: the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Foster’s latest project — also for Astana — is set to be completed this year and looks something like a futuristic yurt… on Mars. According to Inhabitat, the Khan Shatyry Entertainment Center will have undulating gardens, restaurants, movie theaters, a wave pool, cafes, a waterfall, and a dramatic lighting system. The pinnacle of the mostly glass building will offer dramatic views of the park and city.

Though Kazakhstan can be a challenge to navigate, the Entertainment Center might make Astan an appealing destination for travelers who’ve just toughed the world’s largest dry steppe region or explored the Tien Shan mountains.

[Thanks, Marilyn!]