The World’s Messiest Cars

You know that feeling you get after a long road trip? You pull into the driveway, finally home, and look around your car to see that every consumable product you’ve touched over the course of the trip is strewn about your car — empty soda cans, bags of half-eaten chips, fast food sacks filled with trash. The owners of the cars in this photo collection have been on a perpetual road trip, where they never really make it home to clean out the car. Take the guy above for instance — look what he found after cleaning out his SAAB!

This isn’t that messy, but I love me some White Castle!

I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here — I’m just so glad it’s behind glass.

This guy is AWESOME! Check out his backseat below:

Yes, please handle with care.

Bottles of rum, vodka, wine, some flip-flops….and a bikini. Why wasn’t I invited?

The toilet paper is there for emergencies, man. Emergencies! Oh and hey — is that OJ’s glove?

Is this thing even driveable?

Volvos are the best!

Care for some Snapple? No? I’ve got some Dr. Pepper too.

This car is so dirty, the trash juice is seeping through the metal.


Five minutes, give me five minutes and this car would be on fire.

Big Gulp, eh? Well, see ya later!

Aside from having a large pile of rubbish on top of it, this car is actually pretty cool. I mean, check out the vanity plate on that bad boy. Awesome!.