Where On Earth? (Week 9): Vinita, Oklahoma

Wow, you guys were all over this one. We’re going to have to start making these a LOT harder from now on. The first commenter, Tim, was dead on (at least in the terms I was looking for) with a guess of Vinita, Oklahoma. Chris chimed in next telling us that the photo was taken from the West-bound side of I-44, which is also true. And finally, Rita gave her two cents clarifying the exact location of the self-proclaimed (and probably untrue) World’s Largest McDonald’s by saying it was actually NEAR Vinita.

I’ve passed under this McDonald’s countless times throughout my life. More recently, on a trip to Tulsa (which is a surprisingly pleasant town, by the way), we stopped here to use the facilities and stretch our legs. On the way back, we actually stopped to eat — the first time I’d eaten a Big Mac since the last time I drove under this one — and let me tell you, this is one disgusting McDonald’s. The food was gross, the place was dirty. I should have expected it, I know, but I was taken back by how gross a restaurant could actually be. You’ve been warned

See you next week for Where on Earth.