Are Cookies on your Computer Increasing the Cost of Your Vaction?

Here’s something interesting I learned from this month’s (June) edition of Budget Travel.

You know all those cookies that websites drop on your computer to recognize you every time you come back (Hi Neil!)? Well, they can be used against you on travel sites.

Let’s say you visit a site to get a quote on a vacation package. Well, now thanks to the cookie, they know every trip you’ve taken with them in the past. Did you pay a sucker rate last time you went to Acapulco? Don’t think the computer will not take that into consideration the next time the travel site quotes you a rate. Nor will you ever be offered any “new customer” discounts to win you over as a new customer.

Want to remove the cookie and try your luck as a virtual unknown regular customer? Simply check out the tools or preferences menu on most browsers.