The Camopup: A Travel with your Dog Idea

When a friend of mine hikes, she takes her dog with her in a backpack. Her version is a regular backpack that she doesn’t zip up all the way. If you are traveling with your pet here’s an on-line resource I found. Hands N’ Paws has some interesting pet carrying solutions. The “Camopup” is one of them. Just sling your pooch over your shoulder or pick him or her up like a handbag and off you go. The straps adjust to fit either method. According to the description, you can even adust the straps to turn the carrier into a fanny pack.

The same item also comes in blue or pink gingham. This one’s called “Country Boy.” (I suppose the pink is country girl?) Of course, even though the sizes come in small to large, consider your dog’s size. I used to have a Russian Wolfhound.