Avoiding the Side Effects of Bad Street Food

Posts about street food are some of our favorites here at Gadling. What says “travel” more than digging into some strange has-been animal roasting on a skewer in Asia? And for that matter, what says “travel” more than getting all pukey from eating this food.

Fortunately our friends over at Budget Travel have a few simple suggestions on how to enjoy the first without suffering through the second.

In fact, they go so far as to interview Tom Kime who was written Street Food: Exploring the World’s Most Authentic Tastes. Although mostly a cookbook (I gotta get my hands on that), Kime has enough experience researching the recipes on streets throughout the world, that he makes a fine expert on the best ways to avoid getting sick.

His rules are basic and simple and there are only five of them. Follow them, and your vacation should be free of the nasties!