Sculpture Projects Munster: An Every 10 Year Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit

Munster, Germany was almost totally destroyed during World War II. If there is any indication that “Art Saves Lives,” as I used to see on art pins sold in the Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Sculpture Project Munster, is it. Every ten years this outdoor sculpture exhibit pulls in artists‘ work from different countries to infuse vibrancy into the human experience. There are 37 artists on the list. This year’s theme is to show how art transforms public space. To go along with the exhibit there are lectures, film screenings and discussions.

The exhibit, June 17-September 30 is a chance to see how you interact with the environment when you interact with the sculptures. Once each exhibit is over, Munster keeps some of the sculptures making this a city to see if you like outdoor art. There are 34 sculptures still on display from previous years.

If you are interested in heading here, the Web site has a Grand Tour page with visitor information.