Google Maps Adds Street View

My favorite mapping application, Google Maps, has just added a new killer feature: Street View.

In supported areas (NYC for instance), a new button will pop up along side the standard “Traffic, Map, Satellite, and Hybrid” offering a first-person prospective at intersections throughout the city. Once the image pops up, you’re then able to drag the view of the camera a full 360 degrees.

The Street View isn’t a new idea — Amazon’s A9 Maps were the first to offer this unique option, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Live Local. However, like most things, Google takes things a step further, and their version of Street View is much better then both Amazon and Microsoft, if for no other reason than its seamless integration with the best web-based mapping software available. I can’t wait until they roll it out into more areas.

Check it out. [via]

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