Best Place for Outdoor Sex?

According to the San Francisco Weekly, the top spot to Do The Deed Outdoors is Golden Gate Park. Claiming there are no shortage of secluded spots for an under-the-sun quickee, the paper even identifies a few hot spots for the horny, including:

  • Romantics should tiptoe out behind the Conservatory of Flowers for sweet and sweet-scented embraces.
  • Scottish history fans can enjoy a “highland fling” behind Robert Burns’ statue on John F. Kennedy Drive.
  • Those who prefer smooth, soft surfaces should consider the bowling green’s manicured lawn at midnight (Quadrant 8).
  • Beware: the historic Windmills are (evidently) well known among the gay community.

Next time you head to Frisco for a long weekend, it might be worth a look-see. Just be sure to look-see for the cops, too!

[Via the pervs at Get Outdoors]