FreeAgent Go Small Data Mover: Silly Name, Cool Product

Are you a travel writer dreaming of a big trek, but you only want to carry a small bag? Does the thought of toting a laptop seem like a real cramper? Designed for mobility, the FreeAgent Go Small Data Mover may be your new best friend.

Operated via a “pocket-knife” style USB connector, the Go Small stores up to 12 GB of data, your browser, favorites and passwords all in a teeny-tiny space. Further, the Go Small lets you run more than 100 free and pay-to-use applications on any PC without installing or storing programs on the host computer.

As an added perk, the unit saves all your private information on itself — not on the computer you’re using. In other words, there’s no trace of your session to tempt the next person on a borrowed computer. For your own Go Small, expect to fork over $140.

Um, hey, just to clarify: don’t spend all your time in front of the computer. Remember why you decided to visit that destination in the first place.

[Via Globe Roamer TV]