Streetviewr Is A Fun Time Wastr

We promise not to turn this into the Google Streetview blog, but this morning I learned about Streetviewr, which I thought was pretty cool. Well…if you think wasting, like, 30 minutes clicking on cryptic captions to see what kinds of images they reveal is “cool.”

In any case, Streetviewr — similar to Google Sightseeing, which highlights interesting locations across the globe using Google Earth — is a fun link dump for many of the odd images the Google Van captured as it photographed the US. I can’t wait to start hearing stories about how the Google Van documented something illegal or immoral. For example, I can already see the headline: “Girlfriend Catches Boyfriend Cheating on Her Via Google Street View.”

I wish I knew when the Google Van was going to be passing my house. I’d hang up a sign that says “Read Gadling!”, so it would be forever immortalized — at least, until the next time it drove by.

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