Portable Fabric Keyboard

It’s getting easier and easier to post from the road these days.

Part of the challenge of writing for a travel blog is that many of us are often traveling. This usually means finding an internet bar, dropping some coin for some type of hourly rate, and then typing like mad to write a post and upload it to Gadling.

Various new gadgets are now making this much easier.

Take for example the Eleksen wireless fabric keyboard. This nifty little device is a portable keyboard that runs on two AAA Batteries, weighs only 68 grams, and rolls up into your pocket when you’re done with it.

Made from smart fabric, the Eleksen keyboard connects wirelessly to your PDA or smart phone and allows users to type out that great American novel (albeit on a very tiny screen), access the web via the PDA, and then upload to your favorite blog. Or, simply use it to send home a daily journal that would be far too much of a hassle to text instead. Very cool!