Haiti Part 3: Hotel Cyvadier & Other Jacmel Hotels

Before I took off to Haiti I was told of a number of beach towns in south worth hanging around on a weekend getaway, but Jacmel was always the top recommendation. One reason being the wealth of beach-side accommodation and eclectic hideaways found in the magical arts-epicenter of this country. For my first visit it was suggested I stay at the Hotel-Restaurant Cyvadier Plage. I followed instructions accordingly, had a room booked and found myself at a loss for words upon my arrival.
From check-in to check-out, I felt as though I were in dream. I’ll compare the feeling I was experiencing to the one scene in the film Contact where Jodie Foster expected to be shot into space, but instead found herself on some beautiful tropical paradise witnessing the unimaginable. It was as though the three hour drive from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel’s Cyvadier hotel had taken me to other worlds. This peaceful, idyllic, Caribbean dreamscape couldn’t possibly be the reason so many people stay away from Haiti.

It couldn’t be the fluttering hummingbirds moving from flower to flower or the warm smiling and welcoming faces waiting behind the Cyvadier reception desk keeping travelers away. With so little information available by guidebook and on the internet I wouldn’t be surprised if most people knew nothing of Jacmel or the Cyvadier, but now that I have your attention let me tell you more about the place.
The Hotel-Restaurant Cyvadier Plage is located off of Avenue Baranquilla in the direction of Marigot. Once in Jacmel the drive up the road is roughly seven minutes. As you near the Cyvadier you will notice the ‘Bienvenue’ signs before pulling up into the parking lot. With my travel companions by my side we made our way to the reception, checked-in and headed to our rooms.

Sadly, I did a fine job photographing the exterior, but failed to take a picture of the cozy double bed luxury room I was staying in. A great idea of what the interior looked like can be found on the hotel website. By description the room was actually quite simple. There were two double beds, two chairs, a small table, a nightstand, and a sliding glass door with a view of the Caribbean Sea. The room is equipped with AC and a ceiling fan to keep one extra cool after a day of sight-seeing. There wasn’t a TV in my room or my companion’s room, but who needs TV? If you are looking for amenities that provide access to the outside world during your short escape try some other place.

At the Cyvadier you can get lost in a book while lounging around the spring water filled pool.

If you find yourself running on an empty stomach, step-up into the restaurant for a bite to eat with a cool fruity drink to wash it down.

And when you’re ready to get a better view of the ‘plage’ or beach instead of the one found at the restaurant and bar walk down the steps to the private beach cove.

Cyvadier Plage does not offer miles of sandy beach, but it has enough for a honeymooning couple or a small family of four to enjoy without the bother of hundreds of beach-goers. Again, it is a private beach which means it is kept extremely clean. The water is often warm and rivals that found splashing up on the shores of many other islands with its crystal clear blue-green color. From time to time you may find a few locals laying out and selling local handicrafts, but even then you’ll always find plenty of room to catch some sun and surf.

If you’d like to plan your own stay – do check out the hotel website for full contact, rate, and reservation information. Rooms come in luxury and standard and rates can vary depending on whether you want all-inclusive type of service or wish to have only breakfast included. Luxury double rooms typically go for $55 per person. Additional rate information can be found here. Staff and management are very accommodating and awaiting all interested island visitors.

The Hotel-Restaurant Cyvadier Plage can be reached by phone at 509.288.3323. Email: contact@hotelcyvadier.com.

Ready to visit Jacmel, but prefer public beaches, more in-town action and more atmosphere? As mentioned before there are a number of options. During my stay I swung into a few of the hotels and found charm in many.

The Jaclef Plaza Hotel is located next door to the Cyvadier. The establishment seemed like a nice place to camp out and I actually had a reservation booked here for my driver, but with all the commotion from the music festival taking place my reservation somehow got tossed out the window. The management wasn’t as apologetic as I would have liked. I’m sure things could be different on a regular weekend without an event, but in other words – book at your own risk.

Jaclef Plaza Hotel Ph. 509.288.9700 / 509.554.2296 / 509.482.3064 Web: www.jaclefplazahotel.com

La Jacmelienne Hotel rests in front of Congo Plage and were the head-quarters for practically everything taking place during the Festival Mizik Jakmel. I caught a glimpse of the rooms and found them very pleasing. The beach views aren’t as charming as that found at the Cyvadier, but La Jacmelienne offers much more access to the town and is located near many art galleries and shops.

La Jacmelienne Hotel has 30 rooms and is located at 17, rue Ste Anne. Ph. 509.288.3451 Email: hoteljacmelienne@hotmail.com

Should I find my way back to Jacmel sometime in the near future, the Hotel Florita may very well win my business. There are no beach views and it is noted there are only eight rooms, but it has tons of character. Beautiful Haitian artwork can be found on each floor and it too is located near art galleries, shops and restaurants.

Hotel Florita is located at 29, rue du Commerce. Ph. 509.288.2805 / 509.482.5158 / 509.785.5154 Email: hotelflorita@yahoo.fr

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