Santa Fe, New Mexico: Three Major Art Festivals

If you’re looking for a place to go where art abounds, consider Santa Fe, New Mexico. With Santa Fe’s spot on UNESCO’s list of most creative cities, you know it’s bound to be a visual paradise. Take it from me, I’ve been there several times and it is. This summer it’s earning its stature with three major art festivals.

At ART Santa Fe, July 12-15, the focus is contemporary art. At the El Museo del Cultural, galleries representing artists from Europe, Asia and Latin America will have the artists’ work for sale. This is a place to pick up something fabulous and fine arts-like. In addition to the exhibit, other Santa Fe arts organizations have activities that are on the things to do list. If you do open your pockets to purchase, you’ll be competing with museum curators who come scouting for acquisitions.

If folk art is your style, At the International Folk Art Market, July 14-15, art from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe are on the list of countries participating. This is not the kind of folk art made by just anyone either, but the type that is considered the best of the best. Even if buying is not your thing, this will be a great place to see the range of what people around the world create to sell. If I went, there would be no stopping me, even though our house already looks like a Unicef store.

And if Native American art is what you’re after, the Santa Fe Indian Market is August 18-19. With over 1,200 artists from 100 tribes selling their wares, be on the lookout for some wonderful jewelry, pottery and rugs. The range of pottery among tribes is truly stunning. Acoma pottery is among my favorite. If you go, pick up a seed pot.