Google Streetview Round-Up

Whether or not you think Google’s new Streetview application violates privacy issues, there’s no denying that — in only a week — Streetview immediately became a glorious time-suck for for countless Internet-addicts.

Arguably better than actually leaving your house (think: no gas, no smog, no getting lost, no road rage), Streetview offers people the chance to see parts of the US they might not otherwise see. Granted, most Streetviewers are likely looking for naked women, amusing photo-gaffes, or sketchy activity, but who are we to dig in our heels before progress?

In that spirit, therefore, here are the 10 best sites for armchair travelers to get their Streetview fix.

  1. Mapmole: Mapmole allows users to submit links to interesting, unique, or strange things found through Streetview. Thereafter, other users can vote for their favorite images.
    PRO: Thumbnails are provided so users can see if clicking over is worth the effort.
    CON: Doesn’t open Google maps for you to explore further.
  2. Street View Fun: Incorporating Digg’s buttons in its site, Street View Fun clearly has long-term plans.
    PRO: I like the Top 10 feature.
    CON: Allowing users to both “star” and Digg an image seems like overkill.
  3. View Sightings: Presented with familiar “blog”-feel, View Sightings presents big, juicy images.
    PRO: Those big, juicy images.
    CON: Not much content.
  4. Streetview Links: Allows users to assign points to particular images.
    PRO: Plenty of content.
    CON: No images whatsoever — just provocative one-line descriptions.
  5. Laudon Tech’s Favorites: Content-rich, Laudon Tech is little more than a link dump, though a rating system is in the works.
    PRO: Updated daily, it has plenty of content.
    CON: No images whatsoever — just one-line descriptions.
  6. Geo-Trotter: Though the site is in French, it’s still well worth checking out.
    PRO: Features slightly different content than many of its competitors.
    CON: That whole French thing.
  7. Streetviewr: Clean site with little to distract the serious viewer.
    PRO: Lots of links.
    CON: No thumbnails, just those snappy one-liners to tempt you into clicking.
  8. Streetlenz: Simple layout with thumbnails.
    PRO: Thumbnails…
    CON: …which are inscrutably small.
  9. StreetViewVoyeur: Ultra-simple design.
    PRO: Some of the links are described by location, which could be handy if you’re searching for things in certain areas.
    CON: No images on the site itself.
  10. Wired Blog’s Threat Level: Not surprisingly, it’s probably the most convenient to use.
    PRO: Big images and the ability to vote for or against images.
    CON: That odd scrolling list of images is clunky.

BONUS: If you’re into music, be sure to check out Rolling Stone’s collection of famous rock landmarks. From the real Paul’s Boutique to Bob Dylan’s first New York apartment, this is a fun tour of rock and roll history — without leaving your home. Very, very cool.

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